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Contribute to the educational NEXUS

We are asking for contributions to FORRT’s educational NEXUS, an e-learning platform acting as a hub for community-driven initiatives and resources. As described in FORRT’s manuscript, this platform - together with FORRT Pedagogies - will present the fullest opportunities FORRT has to offer. We welcome essential contributions such as sharing your course materials, volunteering for OS mentoring, taking part in FORRT self-assessment educational tool, and submitting pedagogical reports of open and reproducible science courses.

Contribute to the development of the website

We will be particularly interested in contributions to this website, so if you (or your peers) are able to contribute to its development, you would be helping make FORRT a reality. See “Get in touch” below!

Comment on the manuscript

We created a live-version of the manuscript for community participation and feedback FORRT working Manuscript. FORRT is operated as an open contributorship - all are welcome to contribute, and we aim to recognise all contributions. See the manuscript for more information.

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Whether you have questions getting started or you want to know how to best integrate FORRT features into your workflow, we’re here to help you.

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