Teams serve three key purposes: (a) advancing the adoption of open and reproducible science tenets in higher-education via the training of educators in their capacity as teachers and mentors; (b) increase of community engagement within our internal and external communities and resource gathering; (c) and providing community members with hands-on experiences of the challenges and rewards of peer-to-peer collaboration in the context of busy professional lives. Below you find the team organized alphabetically as it is the same order as in Slack.

Team Ambassador Program

Develop educational materials aiming at familiarizing interested parties with FORRT, its mission and goals, as well as the services we offer to encourage the integration of open and reproducible tenets in prototypical subject matters.

Team Cohesion

Oversight of FORRT projects to facilitate working across groups and consistency across projects. Enhance connection between FORRT teams and initiatives.

Team Database

Team responsible for any and all issues related to the FORRT curated list of resources, enriching the meta-data of existing resources, gathering and collecting resources, with a focus on teaching materials.

Team Ethics

Team responsible for FORRT’s Code of Conduct, Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity at FORRT, and dealing with any CoC issues.

Team Ideas

Team to whom new projects are pitched, a centralized place to discuss several aspects of a new idea, project, initiative, changes, etc. The main responsibilities of the team are: integration with existing projects teams & initiatives; assessment of fit with FORRT’s mission and ongoing initiatives; evaluating feasibility (capacity within the FORRT community); considerations about long-term strategy (e.g., allocation of resources fulfilling FORRT main priorities); and connecting ideas and people’s interest (sorting).

Team Impact

Team writing a review/position paper synthesizing the literature on how open and reproducible science may impact students.

Team Manuscript

Develop and update the FORRT preprint into a manuscript ready for submission (FORRT’s next top priority).

Team Neurodiversity

Focuses on how open scholarship intersects and supports the neurodiversity movement to make OS and higher education inclusive, diverse and accessible for neurodivergent researchers.

Team Outreach and Impact

Team hoping to disseminate information about FORRT activities, initiatives & accomplishments to the public (i.e., on social media like Twitter/FB), develop a newsletter, dissemination materials (e.g., community-wide videos about FORRT’s goals, values, principles, products).

Team Pedagogies

Team dedicated to further refine FORRT pedagogies, and collect and catalog instances in which principled education are implemented across social sciences and humanities – in teaching, mentoring, and openness of educational materials.

Team Self-Assessment

Team aiming at improving the user experience of the self-assessment tool, as well as coordinating with other teams (e.g., team summaries, database, and website to update its recommendations).

Team Summaries

Team dedicated to the coordination and organization of FORRT’s Open and Reproducible Science Literature Summaries.

Team Website

Team responsible for any and all issues related to the website (e.g., maintenance, add/change content, ideas about pages or blogs, inclusion of recently produced content, correction of typos, etc.).