Big team science initiatives: A catalyst for trustworthy advancements in IO psychology

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Keener et al. (2023) raise concerns about the trustworthiness of Industrial/Organizational (IO) Psychology research and related fields due to the low reproducibility and replicability of research findings. The authors provide various solutions to resolve this crisis, such as improving training, realigning incentives, and adopting open science practices. Our commentary elaborates on one solution to which they briefly allude: Big Team Science Initiatives (BTSIs). BTSIs allow scholars to address the trustworthiness of our science by facilitating large sample theory testing, sharing and allocating resources, and selecting appropriate research strategies, all of which support the reproducibility and replication of research. Further, we propose that BTSIs may facilitate researcher training, encourage data sharing and materials, and realign incentives in our field. We discuss how BTSIs could be implemented in IO psychology and related fields, identifying and drawing upon similar BTSIs in related disciplines. Thus, our commentary is an extension of the focal article, encouraging scholars to collaboratively address the “crisis of confidence” facing our field using a big team science approach.

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