ePlatypus: an ecosystem for computational analysis of immunogenomics data

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Motivation The maturation of systems immunology methodologies requires novel and transparent computational frameworks capable of integrating diverse data modalities in a reproducible manner.

Results Here, we present the ePlatypus computational immunology ecosystem for immunogenomics data analysis, with a focus on adaptive immune repertoires and single-cell sequencing. ePlatypus is an open-source web-based platform and provides programming tutorials and an integrative database that helps elucidate signatures of B and T cell clonal selection. Furthermore, the ecosystem links novel and established bioinformatics pipelines relevant for single-cell immune repertoires and other aspects of computational immunology such as predicting ligand-receptor interactions, structural modeling, simulations, machine learning, graph theory, pseudotime, spatial transcriptomics and phylogenetics. The ePlatypus ecosystem helps extract deeper insight in computational immunology and immunogenomics and promote open science.

Link to resource: https://doi.org/10.1093/bioinformatics/btad553

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