Introduction materials for Reproducible Research Curriculum

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Workshop goals

  • Why are we teaching this
  • Why is this important
  • For future and current you
  • For research as a whole
  • Lack of reproducibility in research is a real problem

Materials and how we’ll use them

  • Workshop landing page, with

  • links to the Materials

  • schedule

Structure oriented along the Four Facets of Reproducibility:

  • Documentation
  • Organization
  • Automation
  • Dissemination

Will be available after the Workshop

How this workshop is run

  • This is a Carpentries Workshop
  • that means friendly learning environment
  • Code of Conduct
  • active learning
  • work with the people next to you
  • ask for help

Link to resource:

Type of resources: Module

Education level(s): Graduate / Professional

Primary user(s): student, teacher

Subject area(s): Information Science

Language(s): English