Materials for the Webinar "Helping Science Succeed: The Librarian’s Role in Addressing the Reproducibility Crisis"

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Headlines and scholarly publications portray a crisis in biomedical and health sciences. In this webinar, you will learn what the crisis is and the vital role of librarians in addressing it. You will see how you can directly and immediately support reproducible and rigorous research using your expertise and your library services. You will explore reproducibility guidelines and recommendations and develop an action plan for engaging researchers and stakeholders at your institution. #MLAReproducibilityLearning OutcomesBy the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: describe the basic history of the “reproducibility crisis” and define reproducibility and replicability explain why librarians have a key role in addressing concerns about reproducibility, specifically in terms of the packaging of science explain 3-4 areas where librarians can immediately and directly support reproducible research through existing expertise and services start developing an action plan to engage researchers and stakeholders at their institution about how they will help address research reproducibility and rigorAudienceLibrarians who work with researchers; librarians who teach, conduct, or assist with evidence-synthesis or critical appraisal, and managers and directors who are interested in allocating resources toward supporting research rigor. No prior knowledge or skills required. Basic knowledge of scholarly research and publishing helpful.

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Type of resources: Lesson

Education level(s): Graduate / Professional

Primary user(s): student, teacher

Subject area(s): Applied Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Social Science

Language(s): English