Introduction to Open Science principles and practices (in Health Economics)

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This series of lecture slides were used during the “Advanced Simulation for Health Economic Analysis” course at the University of Twente, which took place in February - May 2023.

The following Open Science topics were introduced to the course participants. All these topics are included in the current lecture slides series.

  1. Introduction to the concept of Open Science, and its relation to Health Economics and Outcomes Research and Open Source Modelling
  2. Introduction to R and good coding practices
  3. Introduction to version control system
  4. Introduction to reproducible research and creating reproducible reports using R markdown
  5. Introduction to the FAIR principles and data management
  6. Introduction to academic publishing process and types of publications
  7. Introduction to public outreach and letting students design and plan a public outreach activity

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Type of resources: Lecture

Education level(s): College / Upper Division (Undergraduates)

Primary user(s): Teacher

Subject area(s): Life Science

Language(s): English