Measurement Matters

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This resource list contains reading material on the topic of measurement in psychological sciences. We hope the list will be a useful tool in helping researchers to improve measurement practices, and inspire debates about measurement in psychology. We initiated the repository originally as accompanying material to our piece in the APS Observer entitled “Measurement Matters”. We consider it to be a preliminary, active, living document, and plan to update it regularly. We also want to acknowledge that the list is the outcome of many different sources, such as the SIPS pre-conference at SPSP 2018. If you have other papers you would like to see included here, please let us know ( & This is not a complete overview of all relevant papers on measurement in psychology, but a selection of useful papers. We don’t agree with all positions put forward, but believe the papers and books provide a healthy balance of viewpoints. We intend this list as a resource for researchers at all levels of measurement expertise, and marked a few papers with * that we consider to be exceptionally suitable introductory papers for beginners. You can find the list on the Open Science Framework at

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