Introduction to R for Geospatial Data

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The goal of this lesson is to provide an introduction to R for learners working with geospatial data. It is intended as a pre-requisite for the R for Raster and Vector Data lesson for learners who have no prior experience using R. This lesson can be taught in approximately 4 hours and covers the following topics: Working with R in the RStudio GUI Project management and file organization Importing data into R Introduction to R’s core data types and data structures Manipulation of data frames (tabular data) in R Introduction to visualization Writing data to a file The the R for Raster and Vector Data lesson provides a more in-depth introduction to visualization (focusing on geospatial data), and working with data structures unique to geospatial data.

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Type of resources: Module

Education level(s): Graduate / Professional

Primary user(s): student, teacher

Subject area(s): Computer Science, Information Science, Measurement and Data

Language(s): English