Open Science & Inclusive Psychology

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This course is an introduction to the Open Science approach to psychology. We will investigate if how the field has experienced a “replicability crisis” and explore the potential structural and methodological factors that may be creating false positives within the psychological literature, using case studies of particular research topics in social/personality and cognitive psychology. Students will learn about advances in methods and novel approaches to conducting research that have been developed in response to critiques of past practices. The process of scientific publishing and alternative models of disseminating knowledge will be examined, along with issues of civil and productive scientific discourse and community-building in the social media era. We will discuss issues of inclusivity and accessibility in psychological science, as well as pathways to conducting research in academic and industry settings.

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Type of resources: Syllabus

Education level(s): College / Upper Division (Undergraduates), Graduate / Professional

Primary user(s): Teacher

Subject area(s): Social Science

Language(s): English