PBFJ Editorial … Engaging with responsible science. “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” – Launching the PBFJ pre-registration publication initiative

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This editorial note is an “action-based” follow-up to the previous PBFJ Editorial published in September 2021 … “A Declaration about Responsible Science” (Faff, 2021a). In that prior editorial, I made a very clear statement that “PBFJ is moving on a pathway toward more effectively embracing and fostering the principles of responsible science, captured by three central pillars: (1) Credible research; (2) Relevant research; and (3) Independent research.” To be very clear, this new initiative is designed to both complement and augment our well-established and traditional process of publication PBFJ. In my view, now it is time for real action … we invite expressions of interest, as the first step in a 4-phase process of “pre-registration” studies, as outlined in this Editorial.

Link to resource: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pacfin.2022.101837

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Primary user(s): Student, Teacher

Subject area(s): Business and Communication, Social Science

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