Sample Size Planning for the Standardized Mean Difference: Accuracy in Parameter Estimation via Narrow Confidence Intervals

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Methods for planning sample size (SS) for the standardized mean difference so that a narrow confidence interval (CI) can be obtained via the accuracy in parameter estimation (AIPE) approach are developed. One method plans SS so that the expected width of the CI is sufficiently narrow. A modification adjusts the SS so that the obtained CI is no wider than desired with some specified degree of certainty (e.g., 99% certain the 95% CI will be no wider than omega). The rationale of the AIPE approach to SS planning is given, as is a discussion of the analytic approach to CI formation for the population standardized mean difference. Tables with values of necessary SS are provided. The freely available Methods for the Behavioral, Educational, and Social Sciences (K. Kelley, 2006a) R (R Development Core Team, 2006) software package easily implements the methods discussed.

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