Open Data and Materials

Capstone: Advanced General

How do psychologists determine what is true and what is false about human behavior, affect, and cognition? The question encompasses more than we can know from a single study or even a single research paper, and the issues run deeper than just …

Changing the Culture of Peer Review for a More Inclusive and Equitable Psychological Science

Peer review is a core component of scientific progression. Although peer review ideally improves research and promotes rigor, it also has consequences for what types of research are published and cited, and who wants to (and is able to) advance in …

Chrome Book Data Science

Chromebook Data Science (CBDS) is a free, massive open online educational program offered through Leanpub to help anyone who can read, write, and use a computer to move into data science, the number one rated job.

Circle of Willis (episode with Sinime Vazire)

Welcome to Episode 8, where I talk to SIMINE VAZIRE, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Davis, about the stability of personality, our ability to know ourselves, and some of the nuances within the prescriptive advice …

Ciência aberta e reprodutível

Esta disciplina destina-se a alunos em níveis de Mestrado e Doutorado do Programade Pós-Graduação em Ciências da Saúde: Cardiologia e Ciências Cardiovasculares e outros programas de pós-graduação. A disciplina está estruturada para promover discussão …

Cognitive Science StackExchange site (for psychology Q&A)

A website about questions on psychology

Credibility of preprints: an interdisciplinary survey of researchers

Preprints increase accessibility and can speed scholarly communication if researchers view them as credible enough to read and use. Preprint services do not provide the heuristic cues of a journal's reputation, selection, and peer-review processes …

Crisis research, fast and slow

A blog about the crisis of research

CrossValidated StackExchange site (for statistics Q&A)

A website about questions on statistics

Curating Research Assets: A Tutorial on the Git Version Control System

Recent calls for improving reproducibility have increased attention to the ways in which researchers curate, share, and collaborate on their research assets. In this Tutorial, we explain how version control systems, such as the popular Git program, …