Adversarial (collaborative) commentary

Definition: A commentary in which the original authors of a work and critics of said work collaborate to draft a consensus statement. The aim is to draft a commentary that is free of ad hominem attacks and communicates a common understanding or at least identifies where both parties agree and disagree. In doing so, it provides a clear take-home message and path forward, rather than leaving the reader to decide between opposing views conveyed in separate commentaries.

Related terms: <a href='/glossary/adversarial-collaboration/'>Adversarial collaboration</a>, Collaborative commentary

References: Heyman et al. (2020), Rabagliati et al. (2019), & Silberzahn et al. (2014)

Drafted and Reviewed by: Steven Verheyen, Mahmoud Elsherif, Sam Parsons, Emma Henderson, Michele C. Lim, FlĂĄvio Azevedo

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