ARRIVE Guidelines

Definition: The ARRIVE guidelines (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) are a checklist-based set of reporting guidelines developed to improve reporting standards, and enhance replicability, within living (i.e. in vivo) animal research. The second generation ARRIVE guidelines, ARRIVE 2.0, were released in 2020. In these new guidelines, the clarity has been improved, items have been prioritised and new information has been added with an accompanying “Explanation” and “Elaboration” document to provide a rationale for each item and a recommended set to add context to the study being described.

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Reference: Percie du Sert et al. (2020)

Drafted and Reviewed by: Ben Farrar, Jamie P. Cockcroft, Mahmoud Elsherif, Elias Garcia-Pelegrin, Helena Hartmann, Wanyin Li, Charlotte R. Pennington

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