Definition: A tongue-in-cheek expression intended to raise awareness of the lack of diverse voices in open science (Bahlai, Bartlett, Burgio et al. 2019; Onie, 2020), in addition to the presence of behavior and communication styles that can be toxic or exclusionary. Importantly, not all bros are men; rather, they are individuals who demonstrate rigid thinking, lack self-awareness, and tend towards hostility, unkindness, and exclusion (Pownall et al., 2021; Whitaker & Guest, 2020). They generally belong to dominant groups who benefit from structural privileges. To address #bropenscience, researchers should examine and address structural inequalities within academic systems and institutions.

Related terms: Diversity, Inclusion, Intersectionality, Open Science

References: Reference (s): Guest (2017), Whitaker and Guest (2020), & Pownall et al. (2021)

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