COAR Community Framework for Good Practices in Repositories

Definition: A framework which identifies best practices for scientific repositories and evaluation criteria for these practices. Its flexible and multidimensional approach means that it can be applied to different types of repositories, including those which host publications or data, across geographical and thematic contexts.

Related terms: <a href='/glossary/metadata/'>Metadata</a>, <a href='/glossary/open-access/'>Open Access</a>, <a href='/glossary/open-data/'>Open Data</a>, <a href='/glossary/open-material/'>Open Material</a>, <a href='/glossary/repository/'>Repository</a>, <a href='/glossary/trust-principles/'>TRUST principles</a>

Reference: Confederation of Open Access Repositories (2020, October 8)

Drafted and Reviewed by: Aleksandra Lazić, Ashley Blake, Jamie P. Cockcroft, Bethan Iley, Sam Parsons

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