Direct replication

Definition: As ‘direct replication’ does not have a widely-agreed technical meaning nor there is no clear cut distinction between a direct and conceptual replication, below we list several contributions towards a consensus. Rather than debating the ‘exactness’ of a replication, it is more helpful to discuss the relevant differences between a replication and its target, and their implications for the reliability and generality of the target’s results.

Related terms: close replication, <a href='/glossary/conceptual-replication/'>Conceptual replication</a>, exact replication, <a href='/glossary/hidden-moderators/'>hidden moderators</a>

References: Crüwell et al. (2019), Hüffmeier et al. (2016), LeBel et al. (2019), & Schwarz and Strack (2014)

Drafted and Reviewed by: Mahmoud Elsherif (original), Thomas Rhys Evans (alternative), Tina Lonsdorf (alternative), Beatrix Arendt, Adrien Fillon, Matt Jaquiery, Charlotte R. Pennington, Graham Reid, Lisa Spitzer, Tobias Wingen, Flávio Azevedo

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