Definition: A publicly available version of any type of scientific manuscript/research output preceding formal publication, considered a form of Green Open Access. Preprints are usually hosted on a repository (e.g. arXiv) that facilitates dissemination by sharing research results more quickly than through traditional publication. Preprint repositories typically provide persistent identifiers (e.g. DOIs) to preprints. Preprints can be published at any point during the research cycle, but are most commonly published upon submission (i.e., before peer-review). Accepted and peer-reviewed versions of articles are also often uploaded to preprint servers, and are called postprints.

Related terms: <a href='/glossary/open-access/'>Open Access</a>, <a href='/glossary/doi-digital-object-identifier/'>DOI (digital object identifier)</a>, Postprint, Working Paper

References: Bourne et al. (2017), & Elmore (2018)

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