PRO (peer review openness) initiative

Definition: The agreement made by several academics that they will not provide a peer review of a manuscript unless certain conditions are met. Specifically, the manuscript authors should ensure the data and materials will be made publically available (or give a justification as to why they are not freely available or shared), provide documentation detailing how to interpret and run any files or code and detail where these files can be located via the manuscript itself.

Related terms: Non-anonymised peer review, <a href='/glossary/open-science/'>Open Science</a>, <a href='/glossary/open-peer-review/'>Open Peer Review</a>, Transparent peer review

Reference: Morey et al. (2016)

Drafted and Reviewed by: Jamie P. Cockcroft, Sarah Ashcroft-Jones, Mahmoud Elsherif, Helena Hartmann, Steven Verheyen

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