Definition: tenzing is an online webapp and R package that helps researchers to track and report the contributions of each team member using the CRediT taxonomy in an efficient way. Team members of a research project can indicate their contributions to each CRediT role using an online spreadsheet template, and provide any additional authors' information (e.g., name, affiliation, order in publication, email address, and ORCID iD). Upon writing the manuscript, tenzing can automatically create a list of contributors belonging to each CRediT role to be included in the contributions section and create the manuscript’s title page.

Related terms: Authorship, Consortium authorship, Contributions, CRediT

Reference: Holcombe et al. (2020)

Drafted and Reviewed by: Marton Kovacs, Balazs Aczel, Mahmoud Elsherif, Helena Hartmann, Charlotte R. Pennington, Graham Reid, FlĂĄvio Azevedo

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