Transparency Checklist

Definition: The transparency checklist is a consensus-based, comprehensive checklist that contains 36 items that cover the prepregistration, methods, results and discussion and data, code and materials availability. A shortened 12-item version of the checklist is also available. Checklist responses can be submitted alongside a manuscript for review. While the checklist can also work for educational purposes, it mainly aims to support researchers to identify concrete actions that can increase the transparency of their research while a disclosed checklist can help the readers and reviewers gain critical information about different aspects of transparency of the submitted research.

Related terms: Credibility of scientific claims, <a href='/glossary/open-science/'>Open science</a>, <a href='/glossary/preregistration/'>Preregistration</a>, <a href='/glossary/reproducibility/'>Reproducibility</a>, Trustworthiness

Reference: Aczel et. al. (2021)

Drafted and Reviewed by: Barnabas Szaszi, Sarah Ashcroft-Jones, Mahmoud Elsherif, Helena Hartmann, Graham Reid, FlĂĄvio Azevedo

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