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FORRT’s Educational Nexus

FORRT’s e-learning platform (or Nexus) is a hub for community-driven initiatives and resources. Teachers’ and researchers’ time constraints are substantial, posing a challenge to developing course materials and integrating new research practices in teaching. This challenge motivated FORRT to develop strategies and propose solutions to mitigate time constraints and help scholars implement open and principled education in their workflows. The focus of FORRT’s Educational Nexus lies not on simply aggregating resources but on making sense of existing materials and ideas, giving them context and continuity, as well as filling in the gap where no connections exist.

Elements of the Nexus include

FORRT’s Educational Nexus has five major goals:

FORRT’s community conceptualized the Educational Nexus as integrating diverse components into one infrastructure serving those wishing to learn, adopt, and disseminate open and reproducible science tenets, as well as those teaching and mentoring these concepts, and raising awareness of its pedagogical implications and its associated challenges (e.g., curricular reform, epistemological uncertainty, methods of education, academic Mertonian norms in the classroom).

We hope it fulfils its mission but if you have thoughts, ideas, criticisms, please reach us at, via Twitter, or join our Slack community.

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