Educational Nexus

FORRT’s e-learning platform is a hub for community-driven initiatives and resources. The focus lies not on aggregating resources but on making sense of existing initiatives and materials, and filling in the gap where none exist. Teachers’ and researchers’ time constraints are substantial, posing a challenge to developing course materials and integrating new research practices in teaching. This challenge motivated FORRT to develop strategies and propose solutions to mitigate time constraints and help scholars implement open and principled education in their workflows. Our goal is to develop a collection of resources from various quantitative and qualitative disciplines, which can be adapted to the educational context of instructors as they best see fit.

Elements of the Nexus

  • Curated readings: FORRT’s entry-level selection of open and reproducible science literature aiming to convey its basic tenets as succinctly as possible. This provides unfamiliar researchers a starting point of open and principled education.
  • Crowdsourced resources: FORRT’s nexus is also open to community’s input. That is, scholars add educational resources via a form that feeds into the live database, which increases its impact and visibility. The form is straightforward and can be easily filled in with tags so that the entered resources are appropriately categorized for easier retrieval. FORRT then verifies all resources and adds relevant tags and descriptions.