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FORRT Self-assessment

FORRT’s educational survey is intended as a learning tool, in which teachers and mentors can evaluate the degree to which their teaching and mentoring communicate to students the tenets of open and reproducible science which are integral to the scientific enterprise.

We hope that this tool is used by teachers to benchmark current teaching and mentoring practices. Respondents are given the opportunity to evaluate their teaching, mentoring or both. In doing so, respondents will be invited to reflect on the extent to which students are exposed to content relevant to each cluster (i.e., not yet enacted, opportunities for some, course requirement) and the level to which students are required to engage with it (i.e., not yet enacted, knowledge, practice, application).

There are no prerequisites to take the survey. The survey was designed to be self-explanatory and during the survey there are instructional materials and videos (via platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo) with which scholars can further inform themselves.

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Teaching and Mentoring Self-Assessment

If the survey isn’t rendered properly on this page, you can complete it on the survey page on Qualtrics.