Evaluating the R-Index and the P-Curve

This blog evaluates the R-Index and the P-Curve

Falsely Reassuring: Analyses of ALL p-values

A blog post that describes analyses of all p-values

Guide Your Students to Become Better Research Consumers

Blog post going over making undergraduate students better consumers of research

Interpreting confidence intervals

A blog about the visualisation of Confidence intervals

Interpreting Correlations: an interactive visualization

Correlation is one of the most widely used tools in statistics. The correlation coefficient summarizes the association between two variables. In this visualization I show a scatter plot of two variables with a given correlation. The variables are …

Introducing JASP

A blog about JASP to replace SPSS

Mission: P-curve

A blog about the p-curve


An abstract about the p-curve

P-curve visualization updated with log x-axis

My p-curve tool now lets you show the x-axis on a log₁₀ scale, which makes it a lot easier to look at really small p-values

Power Posing: Reassessing The Evidence Behind The Most Popular TED Talk

A recent paper in Psych Science (.pdf) reports a failure to replicate the study that inspired a TED Talk that has been seen 25 million times. [1] The talk invited viewers to do better in life by assuming high-power poses, just like Wonder Woman's …