Open Research

Berlin|Oxford Summer School 2020

This repository contains materials and talks for the Berlin|Oxford Summer School 2020 from 28th September to 1st of October

Leveraging Open Ecosystems to Enhance Reproducible Workflows

Open source infrastructure has paved the way for mission-aligned research stakeholders to create a united vision of interoperable tools and services that accelerate scholarly communication, fill technology gaps, converge solutions, and enable access …

ORCC UKRN Primer on Working in Open Research

This is an introductory guide for those working and considering working in the area of open research. It was drafted by members of the Open Research Competencies Coalition. There are many resources available on the topic of open research either aimed …

Oxford-Berlin Open Research summer school 2019

This projects contains materials from lectures and workshops associated with the Oxford-Berlin Open Research Summer School 2019.