Reproducibility Crisis and Credibility Revolution; Open Science; Conceptual and statistical knowledge

Campbell Open and Reproducible Science Syllabus

The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with recent developments in open science and reproducibility of the research workflow. By the end of this course students will be familiar with documenting their research workflow (e.g., idea …

Course materials | Project TIER

Learn about courses, in a wide range of fields at a variety of institutions, where principles and resources from Project TIER have been used to teach transparent research methods.

Diversifying Research Methods Syllabi

This is a collection of research methodology articles, which are first- or senior-authored by women, to promote diverse perspectives in teaching students about research methods and contributing to improving research practices.

Improving (Our) Science: Reproducibility, Reporting, and Openness

The goal of the course is to become a better scientist. You will learn about newest standards for scientific openness, and how they influence the reporting and interpretation of empirical evidence. One component of the course is an intervention to …

Methodological Advances in Behavioral Research: Crowdsourcing Science

The results of many published studies across many scientific domains are not easily reproduced by independent laboratories. For example, an initiative by Bayer Healthcare to replicate 67 pre-clinical studies led to a reproducibility rate of 20-25% …

Open for Insight (Experimental Methods + Open Science)

A syllabus about open science and experimental methods

Open Science Seminar: How to do credible research with a high informational value (and how not to do it)

Students have an overview about the "historical" developments and debates of the replication movement in the last years, understand questionable research practices (QRPs) and publication bias and how their prevalence distorts the scientific …

Open Science Workshop Materials of the LMU Open Science Center

Open Science workshop materials created at LMU Munich, available for everyone under a CC-BY license. Look in the README folder for more information.

Overcoming the Knowledge Barrier in Open Science

Getting started with open science and knowing where to go. This webinar will introduce participants to major practices in open science and then dive into the resources available to learn how to use these in your own work.

Procedimentos para investigação científica

O profissional formado pelo Curso de Graduação em Psicologia da Unifesspa caracterizar-se-á porpossuir uma formação pluralista e generalista, preparado para atuação multiprofissional pelaformação interdisciplinar com enfoque crítico, científico e …