Reproducibility Knowledge

Measurement Matters

This resource list contains reading material on the topic of measurement in psychological sciences. We hope the list will be a useful tool in helping researchers to improve measurement practices, and inspire debates about measurement in psychology. …

Neuroscientist Explains

Daniel Glaser apprehensively revisits an article of his that saw some fallout due to a study he cited. But that study was not the only one involved in what is now being called a crisis for psychology and further afield

Open science toolbox

There is a vast body of helpful tools that can be used in order to foster Open Science practices. For reasons of clarity, this toolbox aims at providing only a selection of links to these resources and tools. Our goal is to give a short overview on …


PANGEA is the first power analysis program for general ANOVA designs (e.g., Winer, Brown, & Michels, 1991). PANGEA can handle designs with any number of factors, each with any number of levels; any factor can be treated as fixed or random; and any …

Project TIER

Project TIER (Teaching Integrity in Empirical Research) promotes the integration of principles and practices related to transparency and replicability in the research training of social scientists. We develop methods and tools for enhancing research …

Replication in Psychology: a historical perspective

The reproducibility of psychological findings has generated much discussion of late. However, the question of replication is not a new one for psychologists. Psychologist have long debated how best to measure their phenomena, how to design their …

SPSP experts - open science

A video about open science, pre-registration etc.

Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

A blog about statistics and open science

Stereotype threat

A podcast about stereotype threat and replication

Teaching reproducible science hack-a-thon from 2018 SIPS

Participants will develop materials for teaching replicability and reproducible science. Possible materials to be generated include syllabi, specific assignments, or single lectures or lesson plans. We will provide existing teaching materials and …