Calculating the overlap of two normal distributions using monte carlo intergration

I read this post over at the blog Cartesian Faith about Probability and Monte Carlo methods. The post describe how to numerically intregate using Monte Carlo methods. I thought the results looked cool so I used the method to calculate the overlap of …

Degrees of Freedom Tutorial

A lot of researchers seem to be struggling with their understanding of the statistical concept of degrees of freedom. Most do not really care about why degrees of freedom are important to statistical tests, but just want to know how to calculate and …

Distribution of p-values when comparing two groups

An interactive visualisation of the distribution of p-values when comparing two groups

Interpreting confidence intervals

A blog about the visualisation of Confidence intervals

Interpreting Correlations: an interactive visualization

Correlation is one of the most widely used tools in statistics. The correlation coefficient summarizes the association between two variables. In this visualization I show a scatter plot of two variables with a given correlation. The variables are …

Learn Stats with Jamovi

A statistical tutorial about using Jamovi

Short R script to plot effect sizes (Cohen's d) and share overlapping are

This blog describes how to plot effect sizes (Cohen's d) and shade overlapping area with R scripts

Stat 545

This site is about everything that comes up during data analysis except for statistical modelling and inference. This might strike you as strange, given R’s statistical roots. First, let me assure you we believe that modelling and inference are …

Statistical Methods in Psychological Research Syllabus

A statistics book and tutorial about statistics


Swirl teaches you R programming and data science interactively, at your own pace, and right in the R console!